Thanks for putting together the report, Tully. 

One additional metric that has gone up over the past four years is the percentage of questions on that have gone unanswered. I've attached a graph with the numbers from the past reports. We've steadily grown from 13% in 2011 to 32% now.  

I'd be interested in seeing additional numbers on what kinds of questions get answered or not. Do power users get more of their questions answered? Are certain tags more answered? (I swear I'll get to your navigation questions soon). 

There's the bigger question of what we as a community can do to get more questions marked as resolved. The answer is most likely somewhere between answering more questions and making sure questions are marked as resolved (if they are). Maybe September 19th is "Answer ROS Questions Like A Pirate Day". 


P.S. For those who have never heard of it:
P.P.S. I realize the irony of complaining about questions not being answered by asking additional questions. 

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Tully Foote <> wrote:
Hi Everyone, 

The 2014 edition of the ROS Metrics Report is now posted at:

This is the 4th version of the ROS Metrics report. All are versions are available at: 

The ROS community has grown in almost every metric. The one exception is that the number of wiki pages has dropped. This is due to a concerted cleanup effort earlier this year which removed a lot of empty pages with little to no content. 

The other metric which warrants note is the large growth in the number of unique IPs per month, up to 49,153 from last years sampling of 11,078.  And the total downloads of packages more than doubled to 3,570,374 downloads. 

And all of these numbers do not count the any statistics for mirrors either private or public. [1] 

If you have a moment we recommend you take a look. There are many interesting statistics such as ROS users by country and the top 40 most downloaded packages. 

Related to this look for more information on the ROS ecosystem from William Curran's talk next week at ROSCon 2014.  [2] 



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