Such a feature would indeed be great. We already use it on the ROS 2 build farm (which is just a set of hand crafted jobs right now).

Installing theĀ on the build farm and adding the configuration to look e.g. for `catkin_workspace/build*/*/coverage.xml` should be easy. But that means that the tests need to generate the coverage result files. And as far as I know they currently don't. So I think the generation of the coverage file(s) has to happen first.

It would be great if someone would look into this and push on adding this feature. I am happy to help with answering questions etc.

- Dirk

On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Bence Magyar <> wrote:

Great! It's good to enforce some quality measures on released code. Are you planning to add the test coverage visualisation(no enforcement though) to Jenkins too? It would be useful for projects that are heavily tested such as ros_control.


On 17 May 2016 19:06, "Dirk Thomas via ros-release" <> wrote:
The new build farm was already detecting compiler warnings but didn't do anything about them - until now. If a devel job (same for PR jobs which only have a different trigger mechanism) has compiler warnings the job will become unstable. This also results in a notification being sent to the maintainers, the same as if a job fails.

Since we don't want to change the behavior of the numerous devel jobs of already released distributions this has only been enabled for Kinetic. Of the 154 existing devel jobs in Kinetic only 18 have compiler warnings but are "green" otherwise. We think it is reasonable for the maintainers to address those.

If it happens to be a repository you maintain you might have already or will in the near future receive an email from Jenkins about this. Please consider taking the short amount of time to address the compiler warning in your code. The greater benefit is that all the other packages will benefit from this stricter check and can get notified properly when a regression indicated by a compiler warning happens.

Thank you,
- Dirk

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