July 27

For releasing MoveIt into Kinetic MoveIt would require a new version (0.5) of FCL packages since the current packages provided by Ubuntu repositories ship the fcl 0.3 series.

The solution for Kinetic is to include new 0.5 FCL packages in the ROS repositories. Altering software versions shipped by the official Ubuntu repositories (in this case changing the ABI/API) brings many different implications. Seems not to be other ROS packages different than MoveIt using FCL but as FCL is an official Ubuntu package any third party software (nor even related with ROS) using the FCL packages provided by Ubuntu together with a ROS repo would be affected in some way (i.e: gazebo from the OSRF repo uses DART physics engine from dartsim PPA which depends on FCL).

I've packaged FCL 0.5 for Debian Sid (Ubuntu Yakkety will sync from there). The library package name changes from 0.3 (libfcl0) to 0.5 (libfcl0.5) and both can be installed at the same time so we won't break software depending on the Ubuntu version of libfcl. What would be override is the libfcl-devthat would now point to libfcl 0.5 versions instead of libfcl 0.3.

If we want to avoid this, we could generate a custom -dev package called libfcl-0.5-dev and make it conflict with libfcl-dev. This probably requires a rosdep change for Kinetic. There is a problem with this approach: packages using libfcl-dev would not be coinstallable with MoveIt.

Solve this block and make both packages co-installable would imply to create different paths for include headers (/usr/include/fcl0.5/ vs /usr/include/fcl/), different pkgconfig files (fcl0.5.pc vs fcl.pc) and modify Moveit headers (<fcl0.5/foo.h> vs <fcl/foo.h>).

Note that every level of solution requires effort in packaging.

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