October 5

Hi Everyone,


We're moving the ros-users discussions onto For continuity all discussions there will be forwarded to ros-users. It's recommended to create an account there, customize your notifications, and unsubscribe to ros-users. Direct postings to ros-users will be disabled.

In full

As many of you are aware we've been migrating ROS discussion forums to be hosted at

There are many reasons for the migration. We have discovered that in general there are users who want to get notifications about everything, as well as users who want to be able to get notifications only about specific topics. And another large demographic of users are those who are not subscribed but want to browse and search through historical communications.

The use of the Discourse engine lets each users tailor their personal settings to get as many or as few email notifications as they want. And it provides a much better experience for those browsing and searching historical conversations.


We've created many categories based on the existing active special interest group mailing lists. In addition based on discussions on the ros-users mailing list we've also setup some categories such as Jobs General and Projects

Meta discussions about how to best organize the site have a category Site Feedback

Personal settings

In experimenting with the site there are two common modes emails about everything, and emails from certain categories.

Emails about everything

To get emails about everything check the box "mailing list mode" in your profile preferences.

You can mute categories and the mailing list mode will respect that, but otherwise you'll get all emails.

Emails about certain categories

To get emails about certain categories that you care about, check the box "Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic" and uncheck the mailing list mode.

Then add a selection of categories you're interested to the "Watched" group.

Other notification settings

There are other settings for summaries, @mentions etc. Feel free to select or deselect them as you wish.

Backwards compatibility

To ease the transition we have setup all content from the forum to be forwarded to ros-users. This will allow existing subscribers to continue to not miss out on content and announcements.

Once you have created an account on and setup your notifications as you prefer it's likely that you will want to unsubscribe or turn off delivery from the ros-users mailing list.

Posting by email

All the categories have a short name (it's usually the url) Once you have setup your account you can post to each group by using the email and any email from should also support replying to add your reply to the thread.

There are lots of things to learn about how to best take advantage of the new system. If you have thoughts suggestions or feedback please start a thread in the Site Feedback category.

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