November 6

At this moment I would say that Indigo would fit perfectly in what we consider a stable release. I'm not so sure about Jade. Probably Kinetic can fit well into what we can consider a development release. Obviously the upcoming Lunar falls into this category.

+1. But there should also be a point where Kinetic joins the stable-LTS family. I don't know when and how that'll be happen though. Maybe when the number of users of Kinetic surpasses that of Indigo?

Another concern in this subject I'd like to raise, which @jrivero did not include in the list of the change types, is about the new capabilities. While the addition could still cause regression even when AB/PI compatibility is carefully maintained, IMO it's natural for the most of developers/users to think that new features will become available to the older supported distros. I've just seen some examples where new features added to kinetic branch were not backported to that of indigo. I guess the final decision may always be up to the package maintainers but it would be great if discussion/guidance at the core level (like on this forum) is available.

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