Re: [ros-release] problems running pre-release test

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Author: Jack O'Quin
To: Tully Foote
CC: The ROS release mailing list
Subject: Re: [ros-release] problems running pre-release test
On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Tully Foote <>

> Hi Jack,
> I think Mani's fix is what you need. It's a regression we have with the
> latest release of docker. They got more strict with what characters they
> allow in tags.

I would be happy to try Mani's fix, but don't know where in the process to
stop and patch the buildfarm scripts.

Are there instructions for how to accomplish that?

> As a quick fix you can probably downgrade your docker version temporariy
> until we can merge the patch and propagate the next ros_buildfarm release.
> You can also try Mani's patch from source.

I installed the latest docker according to the wiki instructions, which
state that the Trusty version is too old. Should I revert to the Trusty
package, or install something different?

If something different, what version and how?
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