Re: [ros-release] Packages blocking TurtleBot in Kinetic

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Author: Tully Foote
To: Jack O'Quin
CC: The ROS release mailing list
Subject: Re: [ros-release] Packages blocking TurtleBot in Kinetic
On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 11:00 AM, Jack O'Quin <> wrote:

> On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 12:40 PM, Tully Foote <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Jack,
>> It is needed for supporting some of the Kinect variants, not all of them
>> work with OpenNI. It's also been a little easier to support exotic
>> computing platforms with this driver. I'd prefer to keep the Kinect support
>> for the TurtleBot for now.
>> There is a rosdep for libfreenect-dev
>> which I hope could replace the libfreenect ros package.
>> but is not necessary.
>> I hope rereleasing will be just a few minutes since there's been no
>> changes for a long time and we can just move on.
> No problem. Just trying to avoid a little maintenance work, if possible.
> :-)
>> We chose for the TurtleBot maintenance load to only do the LTS releases
>> which is why we didn't push to have this released into Jade.
> Good idea. I suppose we should release to Jade as well as Kinetic.

If it works w/o any changes it would be great. If it's extra work, maybe
wait for requests to avoid the extra maintenance. Jade's approaching EOL


> --
> joq

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