[Ros-release] debs for rtt_ros_integration and friends not building

Ruben Smits ruben.smits at intermodalics.eu
Wed Dec 19 10:17:39 UTC 2012


Some time ago I released rtt_ros_integration, rtt_ros_comm,
rtt_common_mgs for Fuerte. The debs however are still not availabe. I
tracked this down to rtt_ros_integration not being build due to the
missing dependency of the orocos_toolchain:

+ cat
+ '[' rtt_ros_integration == metapackages ']'
+ bash /home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/ros-fuerte-rtt-ros-integration_binarydeb_precise_amd64/build.bash
[rtt_ros_integration] ignoring dependency [common_msgs], possible catkin-ized
[orocos_toolchain] ignoring dependency [ros], possible catkin-ized
[rtt_ros_integration] ignoring dependency [ros_comm], possible catkin-ized
[build_debs]: loading distro file from
[build_debs]: Attempting to build: rtt_ros_integration
[build_debs]: Skipping rtt_ros_integration (2.6.0-0) since
dependencies not built: set(['ros-fuerte-orocos-toolchain'])
[build_debs]: FAILURE: None

orocos-toolchain however is already successfully released including
debs for Fuerte, so I do not understand why the rtt_* debs are not
being build.

Can anyone shed a light on this?



Ruben Smits, Phd
Chief Technology Officer
Intermodalics BVBA

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