[Ros-release] ABI compatibility

Brian Gerkey gerkey at osrfoundation.org
Thu Jan 3 19:01:33 UTC 2013


We recently experienced the following problem: a binary deb that we
build against ROS Fuerte started producing mysterious crashes when
installed on a fresh system.  It had previously been working fine, and
still worked fine on some not-freshly installed systems.

After a bit of head-scratching, we hypothesized that something had
changed in the underlying Fuerte debs.  So we tried compiling our
code, without changes, against the latest Fuerte debs.  That worked
fine.  So we did a no-op re-release of our package, to produce a new
deb built against the latest Fuerte debs.  That works fine, too. So,
for now, our problem is solved.

But I'd like to avoid this problem in the future.  I captured the
relevant dpkg state of a system with the older Fuerte debs installed
and the same system after removing ros-fuerte-* and reinstalling.  I
narrowed the differences down to:

< ii  ros-fuerte-pr2-controllers
1.8.0-s1351921336~precise                 PR2 Controllers
< ii  ros-fuerte-pr2-mechanism
1.6.1-s1351920681~precise                 PR2 mechanism
> ii  ros-fuerte-pr2-controllers               1.8.1-s1356572075~precise                 PR2 Controllers
> ii  ros-fuerte-pr2-mechanism                 1.6.4-s1356571098~precise                 PR2 mechanism

I'm guessing that in one or both of those packages, ABI compatibility
was violated in a release somewhere in the intervening releases.  In
our code, we're using both of those packages in plugins that load into
Gazebo, so it makes sense that ABI-breaking changes there would cause
the crash we were seeing.  I'd like to narrow it down to one or the
other of those two packages, but I would either need to build from
source or pull the older debs from somewhere; are old ROS debs

We are guaranteeing ABI compatibility for stable packages within a ROS
distribution, right?  REP 9 says yes:
http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0009.html.  But are developers and
maintainers aware of that policy?  And are we doing any checking,
automatic or otherwise, for compatibility?

While in this case it may have just been an errant change to a stable
package, it can easily happen again, and it can be painful to debug.
Any ideas on what to do to better support our use case, where we're
building debs on top of ROS debs?  I'd really prefer not to replicate
the strict version-locking system that the ROS debs use; ABI
compatibility is supposed to make that sort of thing unnecessary.

As a stopgap measure, it would be enough for us to know when new debs
go into the public ROS repo.  Maybe an email could go to this list
when that sync is done?  Then we could trigger rebuilds of our
ROS-dependent debs.


p.s. If you care to reproduce the problem, on an Ubuntu 12.04 Precise system:

1. Add our repo:
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://packages.osrfoundation.org/drc/ubuntu
precise main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/drc-latest.list'
wget http://packages.osrfoundation.org/drc.key -O - | sudo apt-key add -

2. Install drcsim (you'll get the fixed version, 1.3.1):
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install drcsim

3. Launch the simulation (it should work, displaying a simulation with
a humanoid robot swaying slightly):
. /usr/share/drcsim/setup.sh
roslaunch atlas_utils atlas.launch

4. Revert to drcsim 1.3.0:
sudo apt-get remove drcsim
wget http://gazebosim.org/assets/distributions/drcsim_1.3.0_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i drcsim_1.3.0_amd64.deb

5. Launch the simulation (it should crash, perhaps after briefly
displaying a simulation with an empty world):
. /usr/share/drcsim/setup.sh
roslaunch atlas_utils atlas.launch

Note: drcsim 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 are very nearly code-identical.  Below is
a diff of the source tarballs from which the debs were built (you can
get them from http://gazebosim.org/assets/distributions).  The "Only
in" differences come from the fact that 1.3.0 was released with an
older version of a tool that wasn't smart enough to remove detritus
that the developer had in his or her local working copy.  And I've
verified that building 1.3.0 from source, with the detritus present,
against the newer Fuerte debs works fine.

Only in drcsim-1.3.0: atlas_drc_rename.sh
diff -ur drcsim-1.3.0/CMakeLists.txt drcsim-1.3.1/CMakeLists.txt
--- drcsim-1.3.0/CMakeLists.txt 2012-12-21 16:21:45.000000000 -0800
+++ drcsim-1.3.1/CMakeLists.txt 2013-01-02 21:19:20.000000000 -0800
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@

Only in drcsim-1.3.0: CMakeLists.txt.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.1: .hg_archival.txt
diff -ur drcsim-1.3.0/.hgtags drcsim-1.3.1/.hgtags
--- drcsim-1.3.0/.hgtags        2012-12-21 16:21:45.000000000 -0800
+++ drcsim-1.3.1/.hgtags        2013-01-02 21:19:20.000000000 -0800
@@ -73,4 +73,8 @@
 1557aec7da4cd5d53febcd81b666689af1732c5f drcsim-prerelease_1.2.1
 6f896feb2bec52739622e97a7d6cdd518eb2b735 drcsim-prerelease_1.2.1
 4b10e0f62abb21f1b2a1498738e110623085c29d drcsim-prerelease_1.3.0
-f0f919ec908db051bb7657e2bd0d8e0d7b06583f drcsim_1.3.0
+0117103c92002c100b2ccf459f0d791b86054283 drcsim_1.3.1
+0117103c92002c100b2ccf459f0d791b86054283 drcsim_1.3.1
+756c72598020b604d8e39fe1db9274b5fc92e8cc drcsim_1.3.1
+756c72598020b604d8e39fe1db9274b5fc92e8cc drcsim_1.3.1
+2cdef74a2f7177c0410c1272bee34e1d70ada0da drcsim_1.3.1
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas: drc_robot.gv
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas: drc_robot.pdf
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas/meshes: l_clav.dae.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas/meshes: r_clav.dae.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas: model.sdf.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/atlas: model.sdf.rej
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models: drc_robot.gv
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models: drc_robot.sdf
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures:
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures: dirt_normal.png
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures:
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures: fungus_normal.png
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures:
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models/drc_terrain/materials/textures: grass_normal.png
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models: low_poly_golf_cart.model-1.0
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/models: pr2.model
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: .DRCRobotPlugin.cc.swo
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: gazebo_ros_api_plugin.cpp.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: gazebo_ros_api_plugin.h.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: gazebo_ros_bumper.cpp
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: gazebo_ros_bumper.h
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: MultiSenseSLPlugin.cpp.1
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: MultiSenseSLPlugin.h.1
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/plugins/ros: test.cpp
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils/cmake: bdip-config.cmake
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils/cmake: pkgconfig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils: drc_robot.sdf
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils: model.urdf
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils/raw: my_gripper.sdf
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils: test.launch
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils/urdf: drc_robot.urdf.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/atlas_utils/urdf: drc_robot.urdf.rej
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/ros/simple_trajectory: bin
Only in drcsim-1.3.0: test.c
Only in drcsim-1.3.0: tutorials
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/worlds: CMakeLists.txt.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/worlds: drc_robot.world.orig
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/worlds: .drc_robot.world.swo
Only in drcsim-1.3.0/worlds: empty.world

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