[Ros-release] Why did this pre-release test fail?

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Thu May 23 18:58:28 UTC 2013

Thanks for the report.  It's looking for packages which depend on the
tested package.  But the lookup is failing since it's not in the repo.
 I've patched it here:
https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/jenkins_scripts/pull/39 and after
review we'll merge it and that should be fixed.


On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 10:54 AM, Jack O'Quin <jack.oquin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Any idea why this Hydro pre-release test failed?
> http://jenkins.willowgarage.com:8080/job/prerelease-hydro-velodyne/ARCH_PARAM=amd64,UBUNTU_PARAM=precise,label=prerelease/2/
> All the tests succeeded. The only error I see is here:
> Get list of wet repositories that build-depend on repo list: velodyne
> ('repo_name', 'velodyne')
> prerelease script failed. Check out the console output above for details.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/prerelease-hydro-velodyne/ARCH_PARAM/amd64/UBUNTU_PARAM/precise/label/prerelease/jenkins_scripts/prerelease", line 37, in <module>
>     main()
>   File "/home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/prerelease-hydro-velodyne/ARCH_PARAM/amd64/UBUNTU_PARAM/precise/label/prerelease/jenkins_scripts/prerelease", line 31, in main
>     build_in_workspace=options.build_in_workspace, sudo=options.sudo, no_chroot=options.no_chroot)
>   File "/home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/prerelease-hydro-velodyne/ARCH_PARAM/amd64/UBUNTU_PARAM/precise/label/prerelease/jenkins_scripts/test_repositories.py", line 59, in test_repositories
>     sudo, no_chroot)
>   File "/home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/prerelease-hydro-velodyne/ARCH_PARAM/amd64/UBUNTU_PARAM/precise/label/prerelease/jenkins_scripts/test_repositories.py", line 186, in _test_repositories
>     repo = release.repositories[repo_name]
> KeyError: 'velodyne'
> Could this be a chicken-and-egg problem due to the fact that the velodyne
> repo is defined in hydro/sources.yaml, but not yet in hydro/releases.yaml?
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