[ros-release] map_store package release in indigo

David Lu!! davidlu at wustl.edu
Fri Jul 18 14:22:17 UTC 2014

As a follow up, here is a list of packages that are maintained by people
with email addresses at Willow Garage. List only includes packages in Hydro
and Indigo. H* indicates the package is not listed as "maintained" (could
be developed or unknown)

I recommend that people on this list at the very least update their email
addresses to non-Willow ones. Alternatively, you could find new

===== Aaron Blasdel (ablasdel at willowgarage.com) =====
  rqt_bag (H*)
  rqt_bag_plugins (H*)
  rqt_common_plugins (H*,I*)
  rqt_console (H*)
  rqt_dep (H*,I*)
  rqt_graph (H*,I*)
  rqt_image_view (H*,I*)
  rqt_logger_level (H*,I*)
  rqt_msg (H*)
  rqt_pr2_dashboard (H)
  rqt_robot_dashboard (H,I*)
  rqt_robot_steering (H,I*)
  rqt_runtime_monitor (H,I*)
  rqt_srv (H*)
===== Austin Hendrix (ahendrix at willowgarage.com) =====
  audio_capture (H)
  audio_common (H)
  audio_common_msgs (H)
  audio_play (H)
  eml (H)
  ethercat_hardware (H)
  ethercat_trigger_controllers (H)
  fingertip_pressure (H)
  imu_monitor (H)
  joint_trajectory_action (H)
  korg_nanokontrol (H)
  ocean_battery_driver (H)
  power_monitor (H)
  pr2_bringup (H)
  pr2_calibration_controllers (H)
  pr2_camera_synchronizer (H)
  pr2_common (H)
  pr2_computer_monitor (H)
  pr2_controller_configuration (H)
  pr2_controller_interface (H)
  pr2_controller_manager (H)
  pr2_controllers (H)
  pr2_controllers_msgs (H)
  pr2_dashboard_aggregator (H)
  pr2_description (H)
  pr2_ethercat (H)
  pr2_ethercat_drivers (H)
  pr2_gripper_action (H)
  pr2_hardware_interface (H)
  pr2_head_action (H)
  pr2_machine (H)
  pr2_mechanism (H)
  pr2_mechanism_controllers (H)
  pr2_mechanism_diagnostics (H)
  pr2_mechanism_model (H)
  pr2_msgs (H)
  pr2_power_board (H)
  pr2_power_drivers (H)
  pr2_robot (H)
  pr2_run_stop_auto_restart (H)
  prosilica_camera (H)
  prosilica_gige_sdk (H)
  robot_mechanism_controllers (H)
  single_joint_position_action (H)
  sound_play (H)
  wge100_camera (H)
  wge100_camera_firmware (H)
  wge100_driver (H)
  wifi_ddwrt (H)
===== Bob Holmberg (bholmberg at willowgarage.com) =====
  dynamixel_pro_arm_description (H*)
===== Brian Axelrod (baxelrod at willowgarage.com) =====
  dynamixel_pro_arm (H*)
  dynamixel_pro_arm_description (H*)
  dynamixel_pro_driver (H*)
  dynamixel_pro_moveit_controller (H*)
===== Chad Rockey (chadrockey at willowgarage.com) =====
  laser_proc (I)
===== Dave Hershberger (hersh at willowgarage.com) =====
  laser_geometry (H*)
  librviz_tutorial (H*)
  map_store (H*)
  media_export (H*)
  rviz_plugin_tutorials (H*)
  rviz_python_tutorial (H*)
===== David Gossow (dgossoe at willowgarage.com) =====
  laser_assembler (H,I)
===== David Gossow (dgossow at willowgarage.com) =====
  compressed_depth_image_transport (H*,I)
  compressed_image_transport (H*,I)
  image_transport_plugins (H*,I)
  interactive_marker_tutorials (H*)
  interactive_markers (H)
  laser_pipeline (H*,I)
  oculus_rviz_plugins (H*)
  visualization_marker_tutorials (H*)
===== Ioan Sucan (isucan at willowgarage.com) =====
  angles (H*,I*)
  console_bridge (H)
  convex_decomposition (H*)
  eigen_stl_containers (H,I*)
  fcl (H,I)
  geometric_shapes (H)
  ivcon (H*)
  libccd (H)
  moveit_commander (H,I)
  moveit_full (H)
  moveit_full_pr2 (H)
  moveit_msgs (H)
  moveit_planners (H,I)
  moveit_planners_ompl (H,I)
  moveit_pr2 (H)
  moveit_resources (H,I)
  moveit_ros_benchmarks_gui (H,I)
  ompl (H)
  pr2_moveit_plugins (H)
  pr2_moveit_tutorials (H)
  random_numbers (H,I*)
  reflexxes_type2 (H)
  robot_state_publisher (H)
  rosconsole_bridge (H,I*)
  sbpl (H*)
  shape_msgs (H,I)
  shape_tools (H,I*)
  srdfdom (H,I)
  urdf_tutorial (H*,I)
  urdfdom (H)
  urdfdom_headers (H)
  urdfdom_py (H*)
===== Jon Binney (jbinney at willowgarage.com) =====
  laser_filters (H,I)
  manipulation_msgs (H*,I)
  object_recognition_tabletop (H)
  openni_launch (H*,I*)
===== Julius Kammerl (jkammerl at willowgarage.com) =====
  octomap_rviz_plugins (H,I)
  openni_camera (H*,I*)
  openni_launch (H*,I*)
  pcl_msgs (H*)
  theora_image_transport (H*,I)
===== Mario Prats (mprats at willowgarage.com) =====
  moveit_ros_benchmarks_gui (H,I)
  uwsim_osgocean (H)
===== Matei Ciocarlie (matei at willowgarage.com) =====
  household_objects_database_msgs (H*,I)
===== Melonee Wise (mwise at willowgarage.com) =====
  turtlebot (H*)
  turtlebot_apps (H*)
  turtlebot_teleop (H*)
===== Michael Ferguson (mferguson at willowgarage.com) =====
  turtlebot (H*)
===== Mirza A. Shah (mshah at willowgarage.com) =====
  roswtf (H,I)
===== Mirza Shah (mshah at willowgarage.com) =====
  bond_core (H*)
  rosconsole_bridge (H,I*)
===== Sachin Chitta (sachinc at willowgarage.com) =====
  control_toolbox (H,I)
===== Stuart Glaser (sglaser at willowgarage.com) =====
  realtime_tools (H,I)
===== Tully Foote (tfoote at willowgarage.com) =====
  common_tutorials (H,I)
  eigen_conversions (H)
  filters (H,I)
  geometry (H,I)
  kdl_conversions (H,I)
  nodelet_tutorial_math (H,I)
  tf (H,I)
  tf_conversions (H,I)
===== Vincent Rabaud (vrabaud at willowgarage.com) =====
  bond (H*)
  bondcpp (H*)
  bondpy (H*)
  opencv_candidate (H,I)
  smclib (H*)
  test_bond (H*)
===== William Woodall (wwoodall at willowgarage.com) =====
  xacro (H)
===== Willow Garage (control_msgs at willowgarage.com) =====
  control_msgs (H,I)
===== Wim Meeussen (meeussen at willowgarage.com) =====
  bfl (H*,I)
===== Ze'ev Klapow (zklapow at willowgarage.com) =====
  rqt_nav_view (H,I*)

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 1:07 AM, Jihoon Lee <jihoonlee.in at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I wonder if who maintains map_store
> <https://github.com/ros-planning/map_store> package. Could anybody
> release this in indigo? turtlebot app package depends on this :)
> Cheers,
> Jihoon
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