[ros-release] Releasing with dependency package missing on one distro

Asmodehn Shade asmodehn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 07:37:17 UTC 2015


So I am learning how to release ros packages with bloom.

I tried to release a package ( flask_ext_catkin ) that depends on
Saucy doesn't have a package for python alembic, so I skipped it in the
rosdep declaration.

But this seems to break my release&builds for all debian based distros.

Q : How can I get my release&builds to work for the debian based distros
that have the package defined ( >trusty ) ?

Thanks a lot !

$  bloom-release --rosdistro indigo --track indigo flask-ext-catkin --edit
==> git-bloom-generate -y rosdebian --prefix release/indigo indigo -i 1
Generating source debs for the packages: ['flask_ext_catkin']
Debian Incremental Version: 1
Debian Distributions: ['saucy', 'trusty']
Releasing for rosdistro: indigo

Pre-verifying Debian dependency keys...
Running 'rosdep update'...
Could not resolve rosdep key 'python-alembic' for distro 'saucy':
No definition of [python-alembic] for OS version [saucy]
    rosdep key : python-alembic
    OS name    : ubuntu
    OS version : saucy
    Data: fedora:
- python-alembic
  - alembic
  - python-alembic
  - python-alembic
  - python-alembic

Failed to resolve python-alembic on ubuntu:saucy with: Error running
generator: Failed to resolve rosdep key 'python-alembic', aborting.
python-alembic is depended on by these packages: ['flask_ext_catkin']
<== Failed
Some of the dependencies for packages in this repository could not be
resolved by rosdep.
You can try to address the issues which appear above and try again if you
Would you like to try again? [Y/n]? n
User aborted after rosdep keys were not resolved.
<== The following generator action reported that it is missing one or more
    rosdep keys, but that the key exists in other platforms:
'['/usr/bin/git-bloom-generate', '-y', 'rosdebian', '--prefix',
'release/indigo', 'indigo', '-i', '1']'

If you are absolutely sure that this key is unavailable for the platform in
question, the generator can be skipped and you can proceed with the release.
Skip generator action and continue with release [y/N]? y

Action skipped, continuing with release.

==> git-bloom-generate -y rosrpm --prefix release/indigo indigo -i 1

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