[ros-release] proposal for changing the installation page on the wiki

Vincent Rabaud vincent.rabaud at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 08:46:07 UTC 2015

I am sad that good instructions for installing on non-Ubuntu platforms get
lost over time (look at http://wiki.ros.org/fuerte/Installation,

I propose to change the ROS installation page to be installation method /
OS / Linux distribution centric and not ROS distribution-centric.

Why ? For coherence with the rest of the wiki (package centric) and the
advantages it brings: people can see that effort was made at some point for
their favorite method, installation methods for old ROS distros might still
be valid (e.g. Gentoo ), and instructions won't have to be duplicated for
different ROS distributions as most of it is usually the same (e.g. OSX)

What next ? I propose a central page
with all the previous Linux distros / OS icons we've detailed (e.g.
http://wiki.ros.org/groovy/Installation had a bunch)
Those icons would point to, e.g. :
Each page would itself have the usual ROS-distro macro (
http://wiki.ros.org/WikiMacros#Version) that we love so much.

I guess copying the content of the current/old pages will be the way to go
(compared to linking). We will obviously keep the old links / pages valid.

Opinions ?
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