[ros-release] ROS Crawl (alpha)

David Lu!! davidvlu+ros at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 03:36:04 UTC 2016

Ladies and gentlemen of ros-release,

I hate this page: http://www.ros.org/debbuild/indigo.html?s=1
I've never found it easy or intuitive to use. Sure, the filtering and
legend are there, but it doesn't actually say what's going on with
your released packages. All I know is all green is good, but beyond
that it gets confusing.

As a side-project, my gift to you for 2016 is the first alpha version
of a project I call ROS Crawl, which brings together maintainer
information, organizational structure and the build status to create a
one stop shop for checking your builds.


How many packages has ros-industrial released? (53)

What's the status of every package released by the ros-perception organization?

How many packages is Dirk maintaining these days? (~73)

Which packages have I forgotten to release to Jade? (a lot)

I know the HTML layout is pretty horrible at the moment, but if you
find this tool useful, let me know and I'll spruce it up a bit.

-David Lu!!

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