[ros-release] Preparations for final releases for Saucy, Utopic, and Vivid for Indigo and Jade April 1st.

Isaac Isao Saito-Yanagisawa 130s at 2000.jukuin.keio.ac.jp
Wed Mar 23 19:15:42 UTC 2016

moveit_ros (more specifically moveit_ros_benchmarks_gui) and some
others that depend on it are also failing on both I and J.

Tully, do we not have to worry too much about these packages, maybe
because looks like they were built successfully until a few days ago
but suddenly started failing (they might be just hitting a temporary

## I noticed this because some of the CI jobs in our repos that use
shadow-fixed started failing due to these packages missing.


On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 8:11 AM, Mathieu Labbé
<ros-release at lists.ros.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I looked at the rtabmap error, but I am not sure what causes the problem
> (the error happens when creating the .deb after the build/install). Locally,
> I can build the .deb correctly. If someone has some ideas, I've made an
> issue here: https://github.com/introlab/rtabmap/issues/63
> cheers,
> Mathieu
> 2016-03-22 20:47 GMT-04:00 Tully Foote via ros-release
> <ros-release at lists.ros.org>:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> We're approaching the final releases of Indigo and Jade to be built on
>> Saucy, Utopic, and Vivid.
>> Right now we have a few regressions.
>> Indigo Regressions:
>> http://repositories.ros.org/status_page/ros_indigo_default.html?q=REGRESSION
>> Jade Regressions:
>> http://repositories.ros.org/status_page/ros_jade_default.html?q=REGRESSION
>> I see what appears to be 3 distinct groups. rtabmap, naoqi, and a set of
>> jsk packages.
>> Maintainers of those packages please take a look at them. If they regress
>> this cycle it will be permanent for Saucy, Utopic, and Vivid.
>> Please everyone consider testing the packages in shadow fixed in the next
>> week and a half. We plan to do the sync at the end of next week on Friday
>> April 1st.
>> If there are any important releases pending please let us know.
>> Tully & William
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