[ros-release] check_blocking_repos script

Jackie Kay jackie at osrfoundation.org
Wed Mar 23 20:46:39 UTC 2016

Good afternoon,

I'd like to announce a script to help identify repositories that haven't
been released into an upcoming new ROS distribution that are blocking your

You can get it by cloning ros/rosdistro and looking in the scripts


Or you can simply wget the raw script:


Right now the output is fairly minimal. For a set of input repository
names, it will tell you:

- repos that have already been released into Kinetic
- repos that are unreleased and are blocked by other unreleased
- repos that are unreleased and are ready to be released, but do not block
other repos
- repos that are unreleased, are ready to be released, and are blocking
other repos

The default set of inputs is all repositories that were released in the
last distribution (jade).

The default dependency tree is determined by the dependencies in the last
distribution. So if your dependencies changed in Kinetic the output of this
tool will not reflect that.

I like to run it with "python -i" to drop into the Python interactive shell
to further inspect the data sorted by the script.

Future enhancements may include: aggregating the number of releases blocked
by a particular unreleased repo, printing the email addresses of
maintainers of repositories, drawing a tree structure.

Recent output tells me that there are currently 74 repos ready for release
that are blocking other repos, and 186 repos that cannot be released
because of unreleased dependencies.

Happy releasing,

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