[ros-release] Please upgrade python-rosdistro and python-bloom before releasing for kinetic

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Wed Mar 23 21:42:39 UTC 2016


As you are preparing to release package for Kinetic please make sure that
you are using the newest version of rosdistro and bloom.

tl;dr  Make sure to update rosdistro and bloom, and accept bloom's prompt
to add a new action if it prompts.

The full explanation.

The newest version of rosdistro will make sure that your pull-request is
formatted correctly.

And the new version of bloom adds a new action to support Debian targets.
When you run bloom if it prompts you to add a new action, in almost every
case, you should say yes. If you have manually customized the actions you
should review them and possibly add it manually. For Kinetic we added a
target for Debian, so bloom will by default generate tags for it in
addition to Ubuntu and Fedora tags which bloom already generates.

Also note that we will be pushing harder to make sure we have coverage of
rosdep rules for those 3 platforms as well.

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