[ros-release] [Discourse.ros.org] [Release] Guidelines for asking for new package releases

Tully Foote ros at discoursemail.com
Wed Oct 12 23:01:13 UTC 2016

I picked this as a location since this guideline is only locally relevant to people posting in this category.

For visibility I've pinned it to this category and linked it from the category overview pages for this and the distro specific sub-categories. If people don't read the pinned topics I doubt they will also find the generic support guidelines. 

If we need to make changes in the future, as people build up reputation in this site they will gain the ability to edit this and many other things. Currently at least the moderators and admins all have access. If someone would like to suggest a change and doesn't have access please just reply and someone with access can review and update the top post.

[Visit Topic](http://discourse.ros.org/t/guidelines-for-asking-for-new-package-releases/618/4) or reply to this email to respond.

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