[ros-users] Cross-compiling ROS for the Gumstix Overo

koen buys koen.buys at mech.kuleuven.be
Thu Apr 1 18:51:57 UTC 2010

What error did it gave? Because on my compilation I had a boost error
because ROS expects a 1.40 version for 9.10 Ubuntu. But for embedded
compilation only the 1.38 was available so I had to change the rosdep.yaml


On 20 March 2010 17:24, Andrew.Melim at gatech.edu <Andrew.Melim at gatech.edu>wrote:

> I'm looking to install ROS on my Gumstix Overo and I noticed that the wiki
> recommends using a Beagle Board image for it. This is after I tried
> compiling my own via the Gumros tutorial, but I'm having trouble with bjam
> complaining about my compiler thus making compiling boost quite difficult.
> Before I boot from the image, I was wondering if anyone is aware if the
> image reconfigures any of the pin muxes for the processor? I'm trying to
> avoid any damage that could possible be incurred from using an image
> compiled for other hardware. If not, I was wondering if someone could advise
> me on any issues I may run into using the image for the Overo. Additionally,
> if someone could provide any advice on getting boost to compile properly as
> according to the Gumros wiki page, I would be very thankful.
> -Andrew Melim
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