[ros-users] rosjava bug and message overflow

Brett Ponsler bponsler at WPI.EDU
Wed Apr 21 20:16:29 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I joined the mailing list yesterday and so I apologize if these points have
been brought up previously.

Here's a little background information: I am running ROS on Ubuntu 9.10. I
am using both roscpp and rosjava on two machines.

First of all, I have noticed a bug with rosjava. When creating constant
Strings within an ROS message it fails to add the surrounding quotations.
For example:


Would become: public static final String TEMP = HELLO;

Instead of: public static final String TEMP = "HELLO";

Is this currently being fixed? If not, I can provide a patch for the bug.

Now for the real question: Is there a maximum length for the size of a
string that can be sent through an ROS message? I have noticed that there
seems to be a limit of about 475 characters after which it causes a buffer
overflow (we have observed ROS completely crashing when a string of 476
characters is sent but not when 475 are sent).

The crash occurs prior to entering the subscribed method, which is why I
assume it's in the ROS library.

Thanks for your help,

Brett Ponsler
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