[ros-users] camera1394 and swissranger

Patrick Beeson beeson.p at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 17:05:25 UTC 2010

I'm fine with a name change.  I didn't want to conflict with the TUM 
version until this replaced it.  But it does indeed handle both devices 
with a header change and re-compile.

Radu Bogdan Rusu wrote:
> The old name in the TUM repository was swissranger. Yeah, I agree about the name change.
> Jack O'Quin wrote:
>> On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 10:37 AM, Patrick Beeson <beeson.p at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> BTW, anyone that can has an SR3K device, and can test this, I would be
>>> interested to hear the results.  I have tested this on an SR4K on
>>> several Ubutnu platform, but I don't have an SR3K.
>>> Anyone interested can get the camera_drivers_experimental stack, run
>>> 'rosdep install sr4k', change a compile flag in the sr4k.h for SR3K use
>>> (this will get changed in the future to a configuration option), and you
>>> should be able to view the output in rviz using the node name as the
>>> frame id.
>> If this will evolve into a combined sr3k and sr4k driver, maybe its
>> name should change to swiss_ranger to avoid confusion.

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