[ros-users] problems with image_proc using a modified camera

Blaise Gassend blaise at willowgarage.com
Wed Apr 7 23:17:59 UTC 2010

Is the timestamp getting set correctly in the image you are publishing?
Image_proc will be trying to match timestamps in the images to
timestamps in the camera_infos.

This actually seems like a good ticket against image_proc. The
functionality you are looking for seems like it could be useful to other
people. I created ticket #3965 to track it.

On Wed, 2010-04-07 at 15:51 -0700, David Feil-Seifer wrote:
> I am trying to use image_proc to rectify an image which is just a
> camera image that has a border added around. The purpose is to make a
> rectified image that includes all of the image (including what does
> not strictly fit into a square), not just the centermost part. To do
> this I made a new node image_letterboxer (included source) to add the
> border and to adjust the camera calibration cx and cy params to
> reflect the new center of the image. This has worked when not using
> image_proc to do the undistort.
> However, when I try to use this node with image_proc, it does not work
> at all. I dug a little into the source and found that the image
> transport is subscribing to the new image topics correctly, and that
> image transport is registering that subscription, but no callbacks are
> being called. My image_letterboxer node works well enough so that
> image_view can display the new image_raw topic with the letterboxed
> image, but image_proc does not work, though it does work on the camera
> itself.
> I assume that the problem is in the image_letterboxer node, but I
> cannot figure out what I did wrong. Is there some flaw in the way that
> I'm using image_transport to publish the images? Or is there
> something 

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