[ros-users] camera1394 and swissranger

Patrick Beeson beeson.p at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 16:27:02 UTC 2010

Dejan Pangercic wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
>> 'rosdep install sr4k'.  Next week, I'll try to make time to make the
>> sr4k/sr3k a runtime option, instead of a compile time option.
> As rosparam then?


>> longer support by Mesa, maybe the tum-pkg maintainers will go ahead and
>> remove swissranger first, and I can rename sr4k then.
> That would be me then:-). So if nobody objects, that is nobody else
> uses it the moment,
> I can remove it next week.

I just renamed sr4k to swissranger_camera (as suggested by Radu).  This 
is fine with me.  Tested, works.  In svn (I'll need to update the wiki 
page once the changes percolate through the system).

>> You mention problems running the sr3k for the second time.  Do you power
>> the device off and on then it works again?  Again, sorry that I don't
> Unplugging/replugging actually already suffices.

OK.  Hopefully, we can get this working withou having to unplug/replug. 
  I expect that you needed to make the 3 images go to 2 images?  Is this 
needed even with the new firmware?

> cheers, D.

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