[ros-users] Oddness in global plan from navfn / costmap_2d

Armin Hornung HornungA at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Apr 15 08:54:13 UTC 2010

Hi Eitan!
> Thanks so much for finding this, I've fixed the bug in both trunk (rev
> 28749) and the 1.0 branch (rev 28750) of navigation and the fixes will go
> out with the next patch release of both the 1.0 and the 1.1 series. I'll try
> to push out patch releases either later today or tomorrow and I believe it
> should fix the problem you're seeing.
The credit should go to my colleague Christoph, who had a quick look at 
it and was wondering about that cast ;)

Thanks for the fix! I'll let you know how that goes.


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