[ros-users] beginner logging question

Michael Styer michael at styer.net
Fri Jul 9 23:10:25 UTC 2010


I have an elementary question about logging in roscpp.

In my node, I have a bunch of ROS_DEBUG("hello world") statements that
I'd like to see in rxconsole. At first, when I ran the node, I didn't
see those statements anywhere. Reading through the documentation I
figured out that I can change the default logging level for my package
by creating a local rosconsole.config file; I did that, and now I see my
debugging statements printed to stdout in the terminal where I started
the node.

But I still don't see any of those statements in rxconsole (there are
lots of other things printed to rxconsole, though). I have all the
"Severity" boxes checked, I don't have the "Enabled" box checked, and
when I bring up rxloggerlevel, the level for my package is "Debug".

What am I missing?



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