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Sam Quintanar robosq at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 01:13:13 UTC 2010

Recently, I posted and received the following feedback from URBI concerning using URBI with ROS.
Is what is stated below accurate from a knowledgable ROS-user's perspective?

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I'm coming from the ROS world and now see that URBI has integrated with ROS.
What currently escapes me is:

Using ROS is great, and if URBI adds another layer of code on top of ROS, what type of advantage does URBI provide that ROS doesn't to justify adding another layer of complexity to controlling a robot?

The above question is not meant to disparage URBI in any way.
URBI seems great, and I would like to use it with ROS but am confused about what it buys me, that's all.




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Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:41 am 

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Hi SamQ,

ROS provides a component architecture to support reusable modules (a bit like UObject in the Urbi world), and has a good community, which means there are many components available. What is missing so far in ROS is the orchestration layer that urbiscript provides. Using Urbi+ROS, you will typically launch ROS nodes from urbiscript (instead of bash commands), and then use the parallel, tag-based and event-driven capabilities of urbiscript to orchestrate these components into behavior scripts. Much like what people do with python or LUA in videogames today, but with the unique features of the urbiscript language to make the job easier.

Besides, you might be interested to get Gostai Studio on top of all this, which is a graphical programming tool to design user interfaces and complex behaviors using finite state machines. More info to try it here:

Hope this helps,

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