[ros-users] Basic navigation for pioneer robot using p2os and other stacks (Navigation stack) /packages

Vinay K vinay.csir at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 02:18:16 UTC 2010


I have tested individually p2os (USC), hokuyo_node packages. Now I want to
integrate all these nodes and run the pioneer robot [we have powerbot in our
lab] with obstacle avoidance. I want to write a basic code in which I can
access sonars and hokuyo laser data, enable motors, and do the basic
obstacle avoidance. Secondly, does Navigation Stack robot setup tutorial
also take into account pioneer series robots (like accessing
sensors-sonars/laser ...etc)

Need help in doing the basic obstacle avoidance for pioneer robot. I have
gone through all the tutorials (1 to 19) but there is still something
missing that I need to understand in depth.


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