[ros-users] C++ versus Python in ROS

Sam Quintanar robosq at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 06:31:54 UTC 2010

I know C++, but Python is new to me. It seems like it would be fun to learn Python.
Please talk me in or out of using Python!

1- What justifies using Python in ROS?

2- Are the majority of tutorials in Python or C++?

3- I notice that if one wants to use an IDE, Eclipse and Code:Blocks are suggested in the ROS wiki along with how to create an ROS package in Code:Blocks......but I see nothing like this for Python......what is a suggested IDE for Python?

4- Looking towards future robot-building tools integration, does Python support possibilities of using ROS+Orocos+OpenCV+Gazebo......C++ can be used with Orocos, but can Python?

5- I know C++ can be used for real-time action due to its speed, but can Python?


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