[ros-users] roslaunch weirdness on PR2 basestation

Hai Nguyen haidai at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 21:39:18 UTC 2010


I am unable to launch nodes on the PR2 from the base station but I am
able to launch nodes from the base station to any other computers in
our lab.  In the sample launch file below, if I change
"skynet.hsi.gatech.edu" to "pr2c1.hsi.gatech.edu" then then roslaunch
does not even try to ssh to the PR2 to launch (no messages saying
"creating ssh connection to some.machine.name" in the console).  Is
roslaunch doing some fancy tricks to figure out whether the provided
address is on the same machine?  If so, it seems something like that
might fail on the base station where some of the "local addresses" are
PR2 VPN tunnels.

  <machine name="mymachine" address="skynet.hsi.gatech.edu"   <!--
does not work if I change this to pr2c1.hsi.gatech.edu or
pr2c2.hsi.gatech.edu -->

  <node name="r_posture" pkg="teleop_controllers" type="posture.py"
args="r_cart elbowupr" machine="mymachine"/>
  <node name="l_posture" pkg="teleop_controllers" type="posture.py"
args="l_cart elbowupl" machine="mymachine"/>

Hai Nguyen
CS, Robotics

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