[ros-users] error of rosmake roscpp on Ubuntu 8.04

鈴木夢見子 yumemi.suzuki at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 09:43:05 UTC 2010

Hi all Ros users,

I tried to source-build install with ROS from svn repositories using
But rosmake roscpp failed, roscore can't be compiled...
Error logs are below:
  make[3]: ディレクトリ `/opt/ros/ros/core/roscpp/build' に入ります
  [ 20%] [ 22%] Building CXX object src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/common.o
  Building CXX object src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/poll_set.o
  [ 25%] Building CXX object src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/header.o
  [ 27%] Building CXX object src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/connection.o
  [ 29%] Building CXX object
  /opt/ros/ros/core/roscpp/src/libros/transport/transport_tcp.cpp:47 から
include されたファイル中:
  /usr/include/netinet/tcp.h:119:5: error: #error "Adjust your
<bits/endian.h> defines"
  make[3]: *** [src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/transport/transport_tcp.o]
error 1
  make[3]: *** 未完了のジョブを待っています....
  make[3]: ディレクトリ `/opt/ros/ros/core/roscpp/build' から出ます
  make[2]: *** [src/libros/CMakeFiles/ros.dir/all] error 2
  make[2]: ディレクトリ `/opt/ros/ros/core/roscpp/build' から出ます
  make[1]: *** [all] error 2
  make[1]: ディレクトリ `/opt/ros/ros/core/roscpp/build' から出ます

My system environments are Ubuntu8.04LTS, gcc4.2.4.
Where should I define __LITTLE_ENDIAN ?
How do I resolve this error?

Please give me advice.

Thank you.
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