[ros-users] Tf issue in Rviz

Nicolas Goossaert nicolas at shadowrobot.com
Mon Jul 26 12:55:51 UTC 2010


I am having an issue with Rviz. I display some informations about my 
robot with text Markers, and some of them are not displayed.

The problem is: when I show 3 informations for each motor, there is no 
/When I show 4 informations for each motor, all the informations about 
the first finger are not displayed and in the "Markers" section in Rviz, 
this error appears
For frame [/srh/position/ffdistal]: No transform to fixed frame 
TF error: [You requested a transform that is 171.235 miliseconds in the 
past, but the most recent transform in the tf buffer is 185.395 
miliseconds old. ]

/I checked that all the joints' tf are treated the same way, so there is 
no way the tf of the first finger could have been forgotten or have bad 

I assume there is a problem of too many informations and not enough time 
to treat them, but is there a way to solve this, increasing the size of 
a buffer or something ?

Thanks in advance,

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