[ros-users] Urbi SDK 2.1 supports ROS

Akim Demaille demaille at gostai.com
Tue Jul 27 12:20:01 UTC 2010

Gostai is happy to announce the release of Urbi SDK 2.1 [1],
which features ROS support.

Urbi SDK is a software platform for the development of robotic
applications [2].  It includes the Urbi UObject distributed C++
component architecture, to manage hardware drivers and software
modules (local or remote), and urbiscript, a parallel and
event-driven programming langage to orchestrate them.

Urbi SDK 2.1 introduces a bridge between Urbi and ROS.  This
combination allows users to benefit from the large set of
components available with ROS together with the innovative
orchestration capabilities of Urbi and urbiscript.  For more
information, see:

- Urbi/ROS Examples & Mini FAQ
- Urbi/ROS Tutorial
- Urbi/ROS Reference Manual


[1] Urbi SDK 2.1

    The "urbi-sdk" packages contain the full Software Development
    Kit (including headers, documentation and so forth).
    The "urbi-runtime" packages contain only what is needed to
    run Urbi programs.  Urbi SDK is made for computers on which
    applications are developped, and Urbi Runtime for robots on
    which these applications are run.

    GNU/Linux and Mac OS X packages are regular BZip2 tarballs.
    Windows Zip files come in two flavors: debug or release.  They
    require that you have MS Visual C++ installed, or that you
    ran "vcredist.exe".   Windows packages in "*.exe" contain an
    installer that install both flavors, an UObject wizard; it is
    self contained (vcredist is not needed).

    The binary packages for GNU/Linux (32 bits) and Mac OS X were
    built with ROS C Turtle.  The Urbi binary packages include
    the ROS libraries and their dependencies, therefore binary
    compatibility with the installed version of ROS is not

[2] Urbi SDK 2.1 documentation

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