[ros-users] Developing Well-Designed Packages for Robot Operating System (ROS)

Billy McCafferty billy at emccafferty.com
Wed Jul 28 05:32:29 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm Billy McCafferty, a long time lurker on this message board but a big
advocate of ROS.  I've put together a series of articles over the past few
months, at sharprobotica.com, concerning the development of ROS packages
using proven design patterns and proper separation of concerns:

The six part series, geared towards mid-to-larger sized packages, includes:

   - Part I: Planning the package
   - Part II: Creating the package skeleton<http://www.sharprobotica.com/?p=52>
   - Part III: Developing and testing the domain
   - Part IV: Developing and testing the application service
   - Part V: Developing and testing the message endpoint
   - Part VI: Adding a UI to the package. (coming soon!)

I've been a professional developer for about 14 years now and I hope that
some of the lessons I've learned (usually painful) on general architectural
design and application layering might prove beneficial for your own efforts
in developing packages for ROS.

Your feedback, questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, and/or rebuttals
are most welcome!  (Would love to get feedback - for better or worse - from
the ROS team as well!)

Thank you and enjoy!
Billy McCafferty
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