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Hi, Austen
  I am a user of ROS hark package, and I'd like to tell you a little information.
  However, unfortunately, I have to tell you that current ROS hark package cannot work only with the files uploaded on the ROS svn.
  Firstly, the package needs another software called HARK. 
  If you are interested, download the software from following website and install it on your computer.
  However, the hark network file used in the ROS package uses later version of sound source separation and localization nodes, so even if you will install the latest HARK from the website, the ROS hark package will not work.
  The newest HARK software is planned to be updated within this year, and the HARK will have all the nodes used in the ROS package, so please wait for that.
  (The software is now under consideration of its license for the official release.)
  If you will still be interested in the ROS hark package after the official release,
  please throw some questions to this mailing list. 
  (about the package usage, hardware requirement etc...)
  Hope this information helps.

austen hagio <hagio at usc.edu> wrote:

I'm interested in installing sound localization on a few robots. Is anyone currently running hark? If so, what hardware are you using for the microphone array?

I'm have trouble running the python files after I make the hark. How do you run these python files?

listener.py� playerPA.py� playerPA.sh� player.py� rangePublisher.py� talker.py

Thank you,

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