[ros-users] roscore respawn problem

Michael Krainin mkrainin at cs.washington.edu
Fri Jul 2 19:32:14 UTC 2010

node2 is still up at that point, which I guess leaves the option of
the connection getting killed in some other way. I'll try out cturtle
and see if that fixes things.

As for the quantity of log messages, the directory for the relevant
run_id in .ros/log seems to be growing by about 100MB per hour during
normal operation.


> Is node2 still up at this point?  The only reason the depth_to_cloud node should be retrying those connections is if it died at some point, or if its connection got killed in some other way.
> You mentioned you're running against latest -- there have been some bugs fixed with the retry logic recently that only went out to cturtle.  You may want to try switching over.
> Those roscpp_internal log messages don't get sent to rosout unless you've enabled DEBUG output in general -- is the rest of your system sending a lot of messages to rosout?
> Josh

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