[ros-users] RVIZ error

Josh Faust jfaust at willowgarage.com
Mon Jul 12 19:04:58 UTC 2010

>  [please note that I am getting the same error if I just call $rosrun rviz
> rviz]:
> vros at powerbot:~$ rosrun rviz rviz -d 'rospack find hokuyo_node'
> /hokuyo_test.vcg
> [ INFO] 1278719927.352134000: Loading general config from
> [/home/vinaypilania/.rviz/config]
> [ INFO] 1278719927.353486000: Loading display config from
> [/home/vinaypilania/.rviz/display_config]
> rviz: OgreGLSupport.cpp:57: virtual void
> Ogre::GLSupport::initialiseExtensions(): Assertion `pcVer && "Problems
> getting GL version string using glGetString"' failed.
You need a graphics card and drivers that support full 3D acceleration.
 Without knowing what graphics card your computer has I can't tell you what
to look for.

> This error is mentioned in the troubleshooting. According to
> troubleshooting Do I need to install graphics driver compatible to my laptop
> for ubuntu 9.04 or to install OpenGL. Please not that I have installed ROS
> on other computer there I am not getting this error [only for $ rosrun rviz
> rviz  ] but there I tested slam_gmapping package in the tutorial
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/slam_gmapping/Tutorials/MappingFromLoggedData.
>  In the end of this tutorial in "3. Variation: watching the mapping
> progress", I am getting one error that is "graphics driver does not support
> 2000*2000" grid/array [approx]. From all these testing it seems that there
> is some problem with rviz.

Please copy error messages exactly.  That error is probably not a big deal,
it just means the map you're seeing has been downsampled to a resolution
that your graphics card supports.

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