[ros-users] Questions about PR2 web interface

Nayden Chivarov nshivarov at code.bg
Wed Jul 14 17:56:36 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues 


First of all let us introduce ourselves.


We are a team from the Central Laboratory of Mechatronics and Instrumentation of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 

>From the 1st of February our Team together with 9 other partners has won a EU FP7 Project "Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living - SRS" - http://srs-project.eu/

The project focuses on the development and prototyping of remotely-controlled, semi-autonomous robotic solutions in domestic environments to support elderly people.

This objective will be realized by the following SRS innovations: 

1) A new intent-based remote control mechanism to enable the robots to be tele-operated over a real-world communication network robustly.
2) An adaptive autonomy mechanism to enable a highly efficient task execution for remotely controlled service robots.
3) A new robotic self-learning mechanism to enable the robots to learn from their experience.
4) A safety-oriented framework derived through extensive usability and user acceptance studies that enable service robots to be effectively deployed into home care applications.

The project idea, will be realized with the "Care- O-bot 3" from Fraunhofer IPA as a full-size domestic robot- http://www.care-o-bot.de/english/

and the software will be ROS based.

We would kindly ask You if You could help us with the following questions according PR2 web interface, since this will help a lot to us for developing our open source User Interface :


What files should be placed  in /etc/ros/env? - Please could You give us some Example setup?

We have tried to setup pr2 sim together with webui stack (apache, python, etc requirements installed). However we are not able to launch it by opening http://IP_OF_THE_PR2, if You could give us any ideas how to configure it would be welcome, since after installing webui stack we haven't  connected with PR2, just we have seen a login screen.


Thanks a lot in advance for Your support

Best Regards

N. Shivarov
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