[ros-users] ROS Installation Redux 1

Peter Brook pbrook at cs.washington.edu
Fri Jul 16 01:30:39 UTC 2010

Hey Sam,

ROS is organized via stacks, which are collections of packages that are
related somehow (geometry, visualization, etc.). The "ROS Only", "Base", and
"PR2" options for the install refer to different collections of stacks. You
can definitely download and compile all of the available stacks, but usually
that is not the best route. ROS has "rosinstall" files, which are lists of
stacks grouped for a particular purpose. There is a rosinstall file for "ROS
Only," which will give you all of the stacks required to build and use ROS
(perhaps for another, non-robot project), but nothing robot specific. The
"Base" rosinstall file will download all of the stacks in ROS Only, and
additionally it will download a bunch of stacks which contain code that is
useful for doing robot development. Finally, the "PR2" rosinstall will get
all of the two previous ones, and it will also grab all of the pr2-specific
implementations of the more general stacks. For example, there is the base
gazebo simulator code in the "gazebo" stack, and then there are all of the
pr2_specific gazebo modifications and worlds in the "pr2_gazebo" stack.

If you want to simulate the PR2, you will want to get the PR2 rosinstall


On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Sam Quintanar <robosq at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  I see that I can choose to install "ROS Only", "Base" or "PR2".
> Can't I install them all and use them all?
> Thanks for your advice,
> SamQ
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