[ros-users] ROS Installation Redux 4

Ruben Smits ruben.smits at mech.kuleuven.be
Fri Jul 16 07:56:34 UTC 2010

On Friday 16 July 2010 03:11:13 Sam Quintanar wrote:
> Is there anything special I must do on the ROS side of things if I want to
> use Orocos or URBI with ROS?
> Which should I use, Orocos or URBI for the real-time orchestration of ROS?

In the kul-ros-pkg repository you can find the orocos stack, it contains both 
rtt-1.10 and rtt-2.0. The default makefiles will build rtt for gnulinux, 
makefiles and manifests for building rtt-1.10 with rtai-lxrt are available in 
the package, you just have to rename them.

There is an orocos_ros_integration package that allows dataflow from/to ros 
topics and RTT-1.10 dataports without interfering the realtime behaviour of 
the RTT components. 

The integration package for dataflow with rtt_2.0 is more or less finished but 
it needs some more testing before we can release it, (initial release will be 
at the latest in August)

If you have any problems with the rtt packages do not hesitate to ask 
questions on this list or the orocos-users mailing list.

> Thanks,
> SamQ
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