[ros-users] Basic navigation for pioneer robot using p2os

Vinay K vinay.csir at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 07:11:23 UTC 2010

Hi Nitin,

First configure your pioneer and base computer [not on local host
but their IP address] so that your pioneer is able to talk to ROS master
-running on base computer. Read the p2os tutorial once again carefully.

In my case I haven't received any error as you are getting. As David pointed
out you might be missing some dependencies. But I am afraid to say this
because procedure is straight forward.

Follow these steps:-

1. First set IP address on both pioneer and base computer in /etc/hosts.
Also set the ROS_MASTER_URI in the setup.sh file in your /opt/ros/boxturtle
at pioneer only. Now go through running ROS across multiple machine tutorial
and make sure that pioneer is able to make connection to ROS Master. I feel
from your post that you have done something wrong while setting IP address
[as you said you configure on local host].
2. Once again install [rosdep] and make p2os. Make sure that there is no
3. Run p2os_dashboard [on base computer where your roscore is running]. you
should get a small window.
4. run p2os on pioneer. [there should be no warning, I didn't set any turn
rate demand threshold]. If you can see battery status on p2os_dashboard
window then everything is fine so far]

Remember to run this command $ rosrun teleop_base teleop_base_keyboard
you need to install teleop_base and for that you need to install
control_toolbox. As teleop_base depends on control_toolbox. Mainly
control_toolbox is a part of PR2. I didn't install PR2 so I separately
installed control_toolbox.

Once you done this, then you need to enable motors [as David pointed out ,
there is 1 switch on pioneer]

Hope this 'll work!

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