[ros-users] congifuring launch_file in webui apps

mwitt341 at aol.com mwitt341 at aol.com
Mon Jul 19 17:22:03 UTC 2010

Actually it probably is a problem with the webhandler or rosweb because the error is
cannot subscribe to /chatter:more
cannot subscribe to /chatter:split
cannot subscribe to /chatter:split:2
cannot subscribe to /chatter:split:3

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 If I roslaunch webui, roslaunch my talker_listener.launch file manually, and then run the app in webui it works, but if I just roslaunch webui and try to run my app, the chatter topic is not subscribed to. I figure this is because the launch file isn't being executed. It's probably because I have my launch_file path set wrongly. 

launch_file: sample_application/opt/ros/wu-ros-pkg/sample_application/talker_listener.launch     

the wiki details that this line should be the package_name/launch_file_path. 

Possibly relevant: when I roslaunch webui webui.launch and go to different pages in webui, the terminal prints warnings:

[WARN] 1279308554.052159: Cannot subscribe to /texas_power/state

[WARN] 1279308554.080325: Cannot subscribe to /dashboard_agg

Thanks for the help.



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