[ros-users] rospack find pr2_gazebo

Ken Conley kwc at willowgarage.com
Thu Apr 1 06:46:07 UTC 2010

Hi Suraj,

You'll find instructions on installing ROS here, including the
pointers to the proper location for SVN checkouts:


We recommend installing the "Box Turtle" setups. In order to use
pr2_gazebo, you should use the 'pr2 install' configuration.

Each of our stacks are organized in separate code trees, so you cannot
checkout https://code.ros.org/svn/wg-ros-pkg  directly.


On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 11:34 PM, Suraj Swami <suraj.g.swami at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> rospack find pr2_gazebo : gives no output.
> I came across this problem when I tried to install the package pr2_gazebo.
> Earlier everything was working properly.
> I guess I did svn in the wrong directory. I did the following command in the
> directory ~/ros/stacks/
> svn co https://code.ros.org/svn/wg-ros-pkg
> Here is the output of ls at folder ~/ros/stacks/
> robot at robot-laptop:~/ros/stacks$ ls
> camera_drivers  imu_drivers       pr2_ethercat_drivers  simulator_gazebo
> common          joystick_drivers  pr2_gui               simulator_stage
> common_msgs     laser_drivers     pr2_mechanism         slam_gmapping
> diagnostics     laser_pipeline    pr2_power_drivers     sound_drivers
> driver_common   navigation        pr2_robot             vision_opencv
> geometry        physics_ode       robot_model           visualization
> image_common    pr2_common        ros-pkg               visualization_common
> image_pipeline  pr2_controllers   ros_tutorials         wg-ros-pkg
> and output in the folder ~/ros/stacks/wg-ros-pkg/stacks
> robot at robot-laptop:~/ros/stacks/wg-ros-pkg/stacks$ ls
> arm_navigation                 pr2_ethercat_drivers
> arm_navigation_pr2_app         pr2_gui
> arm_planning_control           pr2_kinematics
> collision_environment          pr2_kinematics_with_constraints
> executive_python               pr2_mechanism
> kinematics                     pr2_navigation
> motion_planners                pr2_navigation_apps
> motion_planning_common         pr2_plugs
> motion_planning_environment    pr2_power_drivers
> motion_planning_visualization  pr2_robot
> pr2_apps                       pr2_simulator
> pr2_arm_navigation             pr2_web_apps
> pr2_arm_navigation_apps        texas_drivers
> pr2_arm_navigation_tests       trajectory_filters
> pr2_calibration                web_interface
> pr2_common                     wg_common
> pr2_common_actions             wg_pr2_apps
> pr2_controllers                wifi_drivers
> pr2_doors
> How do I fix the problem. I am trying to work with Gazebo.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Suraj Swami
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