[ros-users] Question about cmake and SSE optimizations

Jose Gonzalez de0a100 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 16:06:35 UTC 2010


Doing some experiments in the past with OpenCV (linux/g++) I realized
that there is a significant performance difference between the
versions compiled with autoconf and cmake. Digging in the compilation
scripts I came to the conclusion that the only extra flags that were
added by the autoconf scripts were the SSE optimizations (and openMP).

Talking about the SSE optimizations, I can see how ROS sets the flags
in a similar way. When the detected platform is i686, all the SSE
optimizations are disabled by default (there is a comment "SSE/SSE2
might probably be not available for some old AMD or VIA processors").
Before finding out a solution by myself I'd like to ask the list if
somebody knows a standard way of testing for SSE optimizations in


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