[ros-users] Digital Camera 1394 in ROS?

Jack O'Quin jack.oquin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 04:39:15 UTC 2010

I want to make a copy of Patrick Beeson's ROS port of the Player
camera1394 driver publicly available for the ROS community to look at,
test, and provide feedback. It is small, relatively mature, does most
of what is needed, and only depends on image_transport and libdc1394.
Patrick says he is willing to participate.

The obvious place to put it is in camera_drivers_experimental on
code.ros.org. Are there any objections to this idea? Would somewhere
else be more appropriate? (I could add it to our utexas-art-ros-pkg

If Rosen agrees, we might also want to add a stripped-down version of
his cameradc1394 to the same stack. But, that is less urgent, because
that package is already available in cmu-ros-pkg.

For either option, the documentation and packaging should look quite similar.

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