[ros-users] rosbag looping and recording of parameters/services

Dejan Pangercic dejan.pangercic at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 06:03:30 UTC 2010

Hi all,
>> With respect to a), as you mention, the time- and
>> state-discontinuities make this reasonably complicated.  Could you
>> provide me with some more information on your particular use-case?
> I don't know Dejan's use-case, but we frequently want to visualize
> short snippets of sensor data repeatedly. Although rviz seems to
> handle that correctly, rosbag does not provide an option to repeat the
> data. That would be handy, but (as Dan mentioned) respawning rosbag or
> calling it in a  shell while loop does work.
Our use is case pretty much similar to Jack's and thus trivial. I do
have a PointCloud msg being published over a topic in one terminal (I
use pcd_to_msg script at the moment for this) and then I have
different processing routines running in gdb in another terminal. It
would be thus just convenient to have PointCloud msgs being played
from a bag file constantly. However I guess that the option with
--clock is perfectly fine for me. Shall we add this to the rosbag

>> the parameter.  However, until this support is added, your only option
>> is to do a "rosparam dump" before you start recording and a "rosparam
>> load" before you start playing back.  This will only work if you are
I am nowhere near our robot right now, I'll test this on Monday and
let you know about.

thx and cheers, D.
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