[ros-users] rosdep cannot resolve bluez

Felix Ruess felix.ruess at gmail.com
Fri May 7 16:33:57 UTC 2010


I just tried to install the dependencies for the turtle_tf tutorial via
 rosdep install turtle_tf
and got the following error:
 Failed to find rosdep bluez for package turtle_tf on OS:ubuntu version:10.04
 ERROR: ABORTING: Rosdeps [u'bluez'] could not be resolved

As shown in the output I'm running lucid. Also the bluez package is
already installed, just rosdep can not resolve it somehow.
Works perfectly fine on my other (lucid) machine.... any ideas?

Not sure if it is related to that but when I try the tutorial
$ roslaunch turtle_tf turtle_tf_demo.launch
it launches and displays the two turtles but then turtle_pointer dies:
 [turtle_pointer-6] process has died [pid 31095, exit code -4].
The logfile doesn't show any errors.

I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction.


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