[ros-users] navigation 1.1.2 released

Jeremy Leibs leibs at willowgarage.com
Wed May 12 17:12:54 UTC 2010

navigation 1.1.2 has been released against latest. This is an unstable
development release to try out features considered for inclusion in
navigation 1.2.


1.1.2 - (2010-05-12)

    * robot_pose_ekf
          o Allow filter to initialize from vo measurement #3885
          o Changed tests to use new indexed bag files
    * navigation
          o Switched the entire stack over from the deprecated
for its use of pluginlib. Plugin parameters to move_base should now be
fully qualified (ie: navfn/NavfnROS vs NavfnROS). Parameters that are
not fully qualified will receive deprecation warnings in navigation
1.2 and will not be supported in navigation 1.3.
    * base_local_planner
          o Moved the code for propagating goal and path distance out
of the TrajectoryPlanner and into the MapGrid. Hopefully, this means
people should be able to use the MapGrid without the TrajectoryPlanner
if they were so inclined.
    * amcl:
          o Changed tests to use new indexed bag files
    * costmap_2d
          o Changed tests to use new indexed bag files

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