[ros-users] $PYTHONPATH in launch files

Armin Hornung HornungA at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu May 20 08:43:57 UTC 2010


I have some problems starting a python node in a launch file, which 
otherwise starts fine when executed from the command line. The node in 
question ([1]) tries to import a 3rd party library (Aldebaran's NaoQI). 
In my .bashrc the $PYTHONPATH is adjusted accordingly, but is seems like 
$PYTHONPATH is set to $ROS_ROOT/core/roslib/src as soon as a node is 
executed from within a launch file. Could that be fixed, so that ROS' 
pythonpath is prepended (or appended) to the existing environment variable?

One place to change that is "setup.sh" (e.g. in /opt/ros/boxturtle when 
installed via apt-get):
export PYTHONPATH=${ROS_ROOT}/core/roslib/src:${PYTHONPATH}

but that did not seem to be enough to change the behavior within the 
launch files.



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