[ros-users] Memory leak with hokuyo_node and gmapping

Sabrina Kliegl skliegl at zitmail.upb.de
Thu May 20 11:06:28 UTC 2010

Hi everybody,

some time ago we could fix the problem with the memory leak:
On the real robot we use the p2os package for our P3AT. In the sip.h (of
p2os) there are two initialized variables x_offset and y_offset. Thus
the initial values of the odometry data of the robot are always very big
random numbers.

On startup gmapping initializes the maps according to these odometry
values and thus it tries to build a very big map (eating all the
memory). To solve the problem, we initialized x_offset and y_offset with
0. Now gmapping is running with p2os on the real robot as well as in our
simulation (almost ;-)).



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