[ros-users] cvBridge + opencv memory leak problem

Chriss Lei lei.chriss at gmail.com
Sat May 22 23:36:07 UTC 2010


I'm using cvbridge to get camera images and using some opencv functions for
image processing.
However, memory blows up whenever I use opencv functions on IplImages
converted from the imgMsgToCv method.
Using cvCopy, cvCloneImage, cvNormalize, etc... any one of these good' ol
opencv functions on IplImage blows up the memory.

So I referred to stereo view.cpp file in
It seems like the file uses the new cv::Mat_ data structure to perform
operations on images.

Should I always use the new opencv2.1 image data structure( cv::Mat ) if I
want to work on opencv images converted from sensor_msgs::Image ?
Or is there a way to work with the IplImages ?

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